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Staples. Part 1

Hey there, fella.  Lets talk about what’s inside your closet.  Clothes only please.  The goal here is that we put things in there that make it incredibly easy to put together an outstanding outfit.  If you have a whole closet full of great stuff that fits you, making an outfit is as simple as, well, pulling it out of your closet.  Now, what I’m going to share with you are some staples that every self respecting man with a penchant for looking dapper should have in his closet as the bare minimum.  They’re called staples because they can really hold an outfit together….get it???   We can’t have you looking like a schlub now can we?  Ok, before we get started I had to break this up into 3 different sections otherwise this would be insanely long.  So let’s take a look below, hmmm??? 

1.  A white button down dress shirt.

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 11.15.11 PM

yeah…Kind of like this, but without the creepy stare.

No, really, this is the Mystique of the wardrobe world.  The spy, the assassin, the covert agent that’s so unassuming that it knows every language, every local custom and when put into any environment it will blend in, disappear.  Not unlike Indiana Jones’ buddy Brodie. Seriously, unbutton the two top buttons, roll up the sleeves, leave it untucked and you can wear it with a pair of jeans or shorts.  Or you can wear it with a suit and tie and be ready for the board room and everything in between.  Ok, now lets talk about fit.  If I catch you buying any shirt where the sleeves start anywhere around your biceps, I will be forced to ridicule you mercilessly until you return it and get one that ACTUALLY fits.  Maybe I won’t do that but I’ll be judging you dammit, quietly…. to myself… or whatever.  In all seriousness, there is nothing like having a shirt that fits you like a glove and believe me when I tell you, people notice.  You can go to any tailor and get your measurements and use that as a reference.  The sleeves should fall to the base of your thumb and the sleeves should start at the edge of the shoulder and the last button should close without causing some sort of choking fetish.  And before you buy, PLEASE TRY IT ON FIRST!!!!  Different brands fit differently on you and I want you to be able to move in it and not feel like you’re being strangled by a really weak old man with Bell’s palsy . 

2. Striped dress shirt.

The white collar is more of  a personal choice.  It’s an older look.  Like, time old not age old.  Well, maybe age old too but damn it’s sharp.

The white collar is more of a personal choice. It’s an older look. Like, time old not age old. Well, maybe age old too but damn it’s sharp.

Well, you have a white button down dress shirt; now lets add a little color for variety.  This is where you get to show that personality of yours.  Exciting, isn’t it?  Now the same rules for how a dress shirt fits applies here as it did for the white shirt.  It’s all about the fit. The shirt color will help you with your choices of ties and suits so keep in mind the color and how it goes with whatever you’re going to wear with it.  They don’t have to match but they do have to compliment.  Don’t worry, we’ll get there soon.  Let’s finish this section first, though.  ‘kay?  Good.  Moving on. 

3. Blue dress shirt.

Hi.  I’m Chet, and I want to talk to you about health insurance.  You feelin’ ok?  You don’t look so good.

Hi. I’m Chet, and I want to talk to you about health insurance. You feelin’ ok? You don’t look so good.

Ok, this is a classic staple to have because it does allow a professional look for any suit.  Ties will pop against it and it will make it easy for you when you wear that awesome grey wool suit I’m about to tell you to get down below.  Again, make sure it fits, dammit

4. A grey wool suit

Now shut up and look at all this awesome.

Shut up and look at all this awesome.

That’s right.  You’re going to need something to put on top of those shirts.  The reason this is a staple and should be in every mans closet is because you never know when you’ll need a suit and grey fits so many occasions other than a funeral.  A medium grey would be fantastic.  Again, I’m going to stress fit on this.  For far too long I see way too many guys wearing suits that just plain don’t fit.  It’s a crime, dammit.  A CRIME!!!  Joking aside, watch the shoulders.  they shouldn’t go past your shoulders and drop straight down the sleeve.  You should also be able put your hand in between your buttoned coat and the slacks should fall straight down to the top of the shoe. No pleats, please.  Flat front only.  I personally don’t like a big break in the pants but that’s more of a personal choice.  Just don’t let them crumple over the shoe. But here’s the other reason why the suit is important.  You can break it up meaning you can wear them as separates.  You can wear the trousers with a button down or wear the jacket with jeans and there you go.  you can have several different outfits with one suit. 

5. A navy wool blazer

I’m not going to spend too much time on this other than to say get one.  A single breasted blazer has the uncanny ability to be both dressed up and dressed down.  Are you seeing a pattern here yet?  Well look harder damn your eyes!!!  Anyone?  Young Frankenstein?  Nothing?  *sigh* Fine, moving on.

You can dress it up...

You can dress it up…

Or you can dress it down

Or you can dress it down


Well that should get you started.  Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of…STAPLES!!!  So much more to cover. 


2 comments on “Staples. Part 1

  1. Dan Gossett
    June 25, 2015

    Awesome site! Enjoying the []-esque photo captions.

    2 requests: could you maybe mention one or a few of your faves for each category; and could you do a post on hard-to-fit bodies?

    You rock!
    Keep dancing

    Dr. Dan


    • Don West Stylist
      June 25, 2015

      Dr. Dan you ol so-n-so. Good to hear from you, sir. Thanks for the kind words. I’m hoping to make this a more regular thing. As for you requests, sounds like a great idea. I’ll definitely be tackling a whole slew of things including some of a few of my favorite things both on and off the staples list as well as the what fits on different body types. Great ideas sir. Thanks. Now get out there and save lives dammit.


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