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Hey! How do you wear this jacket?

So I’ve been getting some feedback about what you fellas would like to see on my little blog as we move forward.  Among the “thousands” (read about 2), the biggest thing I’m asked is, “yeah I go shopping all the time but how do I put this stuff together.  Well that’s actually a tall order.  So in addition to the me talking about specific items of clothes that I love, (e.g. shoes, oh god do I love shoes) Allow me to also start a new section I’m calling “Hey, How do I wear this s%*t!” 

First off, calm the hell down.  You kiss your mother with that mouth, you heathen?  Second, I recon I’ll do this bit by bit and talk about specific things in depth.  I’ll start with a jacket, mostly because I’ve been wearing them a ton lately.  Can’t help it, I just love the look.  Specifically that look that resembles a classic well dressed, polished individual that’s influenced by a classic european sense of style.  If you want to look like you’re a classic man type man that knows man things and can totally man, a jacket is the way to work.  More specifically a sports coat or a blazer. 

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 4.38.10 PM

It’s a bold color but with jeans and a white button up? BAM! All you have to do is wear it with some confidence and you own that mofo.

Let’s start by dressing it down.  For walking around the streets of NYC, a sports coat or blazer are incredible.  What would you wear with it?  Well, damn near anything but it really depends on what you would like to accent, i.e. where would you like your focal point.  I love wearing bold color jackets or with a strong pattern be it plaid or Herringbone, I’m going to be really subdue with the rest of the outfit.  For example I have a salmon color jacket I got from Original Penguin.  Fits like a glove so I want to pair it with a pant in a color with the same intensity as the pink but in a neutral.  So a dark blue jean or slack would work really well and a nice, clean, white dress shirt.  Essentially 2 neutrals that don’t take anything away from the jacket.  What that does is it will calm down the pink and make it a bit more natural.  But, if I want the jacket to stand out.  I’ll pair it with a white jean or chino and a light blue dress shirt.  Then, BAM!!  The pink is right out in front and looks amazing in the summer time.  It all depends on what you’re trying to do.  Whether you want to be a man about town or a peacock.  Either one I endorse

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 4.39.17 PM

Heres’ a little lesson in layering. Bold pattern (jacket) subtle pattern (waistcoat) solid pant, and scarf for a little bit of color. If you squint your eyes you don’t see the print and the colors work together. The facial grooming is entirely up to you, but I dig it. This is actually my fall and winter look. No seriously, Why are you laughing?

Now, what a bout a nice, grey jacket?  Let’s apply the same principles as before with the jacket.  What’s your focal point the jacket or you?  If you want it to be you your going to surround yourself with something along the same intensity.  Since it’s already in a neutral, we can still pick another neutral.  I have the beautiful grey jacket with little subtle blue check pattern in it if you look close from John Varvatos.  So I put a dark jean about the same intensity as the jacket and I nice dress shirt.  Honestly it’s what I’m wearing right now as I’m on a plane for work.  In this case I wanted to point to little details.  My jeans are, well, jeans but they’re straight leg and fit well.  I have a blue and purple floral pattern on a white back ground to pull out the blue in the jacket.  There’s still a little white draws your attention on this.  And for that little touch, I have a blue and purple paisley pocket square to bring it all together.  Oh, and what the hell.  I wore a navy blue vest just to break up all that pattern.  Now your eye is drawn all over the place.  My sleeves that show at the end of the jacket, my pocket square, the placket of the shirt.  If I was feeling REALLY full of myself (more than I already do) I’ll wear a tie or an ascot in a pink or purple.  it’s a bit much but it would still work.  That is true peacock mode. 

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 4.41.22 PM

This just screams elegant to me. it’s a gray jacket with a clean button up and white jeans. The jacket stands out but in a good way. I mean, just look at it.

Oh, but to make this stand out?  You do the opposite.  Take everything in a lighter direction to allow the jacket to truly stand out.  Light pants either in a white or a light blue.  and a shirt to match the intensity of the pants.  Maybe a light pink or light blue to pull out the blue in the jacket.  So you’d have a dark powerful jacket on top with a nice monochromatic pant and shirt to help frame it.  Again, we are talking about a certain look that you want to accomplish and it’s super easy to do.  This look is all over Europe right now and it’s classy and elegant while still being dressed down.  But what about a pattern jacket?  Well, I’m glad I asked. 

Let’s say you have nice brown Herringbone blazer.  How you get it isn’t important.  Just don’t get caught.  Depending on whether the pattern is subtle or bold you’ll want to do the opposite with the rest of your outfit.  If the pattern is bold, that means it was meant to be seen first.  So you are going to want to wear things that aren’t going to compete with it.  E.g. a bold striped shirt and Plaid pants.  I think my left eye just twitched trying envision that treasure of an outfit.  Anywho, you’re best bet is to pair that jacket with something subtle or solid.  However the color theory that went on before with the other jackets still apply.  However you can look at the pattern in the jacket to get an inspiration for what you can pair it with.  If it’s a subtle pattern you may find a color in there that you can use for the shirt or pants or accessories. 

So, yeah.  Jackets!  They’re a thing and they are awesome.  Let me know how you would wear it or heck if you want some advice with your outfit, let me know in the comments below. 

Go get ‘em, tiger


3 comments on “Hey! How do you wear this jacket?

  1. Duchess
    September 20, 2015

    Woo jackets! I want more. Suggestions for not breaking the bank, but still get some good use out of them? I’ve seen your closet-full.


  2. Duchess
    October 14, 2015

    Ok. White jeans, blue black read and white cross striped (whatever that pattern is called) shirt, navy blue sport coat with a white pocket square with red trim, and brown leather slip-ons with that no sock look.


  3. Don West Stylist
    October 14, 2015

    Ok. I like where you’re headed with this. Got a picture of this, fella?


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